A tricky wee tune

Tonight we learnt a tricky tune called ‘Islay’, composed by Tina Jordan Rees. It’s a slow reel with some quirky variations  within it, and shifts in the rhythm giving it a syncopated feel. I’ve added the original recording that I learnt the tune from on the music page.

We played through some of the tunes from this term – Young Betty, Sitting in the Stern of a Boat,  and Paddy’s Trip to Scotland. We tried out tapping our foot through Paddy’s Trip, tapping only on the beat, and keeping that going in the B part of the tune when the rhythm of the tune shifted to the offbeat.

We finished the evening by plucking some improvised riffs, and then working on tone and tuning playing long notes from the D arpeggio, and focusing on blending our sound with others around us.

The Diggers session will be running through the holidays, starting at the earlier time of 7.30pm. The spring term restarts on  Tuesday 13th January.


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