Shoulder rests

You can play a fiddle with or without a shoulder rest. If you decide not to use a shoulder rest it will change how you hold the fiddle.

Different types of shoulder rests

The commonest style of shoulder rest is a strip of metal or plastic with some foam or rubber padding,  that is shaped to sit comfortably on the front of your left shoulder. This style of shoulder rest has adjustable arms on each end that are used to clamp the rest onto the underside of the body of your fiddle. Each of the prongs of the shoulder rest’s arms will  have foam or rubber sleeves that prevent them scratching your fiddle when the rest is fitted in place.

The shaped part of the shoulder rest is curved, and should be fitted so that the convex part of the curve is on the left – this will be the part that sits towards your shoulder, and the concave end will rest on the front of your chest wall. You can see from these two different makes of rest pictured below that the shape can vary a lot from one brand of shoulder rest to another. The Bonmusica shoulder rest pictured below is a more recent style – the heavily curved end of this shoulder rest hooks onto the top of your shoulder when the rest is in position. If you decide you’d like to play using a shoulder rest, it’s really worth trying out several different styles before deciding what to buy.


The shoulder rest can be adjusted to fit different sized fiddles
Shoulder rest
Bonmusica shoulder rest


Viva shoulder rest
the arms can be adjusted for height and width









These shoulder rests all have various aspects that are adjustable. If you’re buying a shoulder rest, it’s worth checking that the arms of the rest can be adjusted to increase the overall height of the shoulder rest. This is particularly important if you have a long neck.

Shoulder rest on a fiddle
Shoulder rest fitted on a fiddle

Foam shoulder pads

Some people find a full shoulder rest is too cumbersome, or too large. If you don’t need the fiddle to be raised up as high as the lowest setting of a shoulder rest, you can buy a foam pad to attach under the body of the fiddle – the main purpose of this is to help to stop the fiddle sliding around. The Huber foam pad pictured below is one of the simplest designs, and is held in place on the fiddle with a high tech elastic band!

Huber foam pad