Individual lessons

Individual fiddle lessons

Individual fiddle lessons are a great way to help to iron out specific problems you’re having with your playing. A few 1:1 lessons with a fiddle teacher can help you find solutions and re-energise and re-focus your practicing. If you’re struggling with a specific problem with your fiddle playing, Ros may be able to help.

Do you want to improve your tone, or learn how to play tunes faster? Are you having difficulty keeping in time when you’re playing tunes on your fiddle or struggling to play in tune? Are you wondering how to make the leap to get your playing sounding more fluid and musical? Or perhaps there’s something wrong, and you’re not sure what’s causing the problem!

Short term input

Ros is open to teaching a short course of individual lessons to help players who are struggling with a particular aspect of their playing. If you have specific issues we can work together to identify the underlying problems and find a way forward for you to work on techniques to resolve them.

Absolute beginners

Ros is happy to teach absolute beginners, even if you’ve never played an instrument before. Ros will initially focus on learning good basic technique, such as bow hold, and how to move the bow. Getting a good grounding on this will save you from having to unlearn bad habits further down the line, and will allow you to understand how to create the sound you want from your fiddle.

Ros takes time to focus on teaching her fiddle pupils how to practice effectively, and will help you to make the most of the time you have available so you can consolidate your learning, and begin to use strategies that will help you learn how to resolve playing issues for yourself as you become a more experienced and confident player.

Fiddle teacher

Ros Gasson, fiddle tutor in Edinburgh, Scotland
Photo ©Ros Gasson

Ros Gasson has been teaching technique to fiddlers in regular classes in Edinburgh since 2009. Before this she taught occasional classes at the Scots Music Group over a number of years. Ros has also given one-to-one lessons for many years. Having learnt to play as an adult, she has a good understanding of some of the frustrations and problems that occur when learning to play this fickle instrument later in life, and insight into ways to develop an individual style of playing.

Contact Ros for more information about availability and charges.