Fiddle maintenance

Tips for maintaining your fiddle

When you first start playing a fiddle, there’s a lot to learn! With the fun of beginning to play a new instrument, the business of fiddle maintenance is rarely ‘taught’ in classes or lessons. If you want your instrument to sound at its best, learning how to look after your fiddle is just as important as learning new techniques for playing.

We’ve had a few discussions in our fiddle classes about some aspects of fiddle maintenance, but there never seems to be enough time to investigate things in full. So I’ll be creating pages with information on various topics over the coming weeks. If there’s a topic listed below with no link yet, the page will come! If there’s other topics you’d like to see added here, let me know, and if I can add a page on that subject in the future, I will.

Fiddle maintenance articles

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Fiddle maintenance - tips for beginners
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