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 Ros Gasson, fiddle tutor

Ros Gasson, fiddle tutor in Edinburgh, Scotland
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I’m a fiddle teacher based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve been teaching the String Circle fiddle class since 2009. I learnt to play fiddle as an adult, after accidentally being given a fiddle by a friend in 1995. That fiddle changed my life! I immediately signed up to a class being taught by Angus R Grant at the Adult Learning Project in Edinburgh (now called the Scots Music Group).

I’ve learnt from a huge number of different people over the intervening years, at numerous workshops and events, sessions, and friends houses around Scotland.

Many thanks in particular to Catriona MacDonald for sorting out some basic bowing troubles at her Shetland fiddle week in 2000, and Mairi Campbell for so much help with technique and support with teaching skills during many wonderful Lismore Fiddle Retreat weekends.

Having learnt as an adult, I have an insight into some of the difficulties and challenges that you might be facing if you’re learning to play the fiddle later in life. I’ve developed different approaches to help adult learners get around some of the issues they’re faced with in the early years of starting to play the fiddle. It’s a fickle wee instrument, but with perseverance, there’s a lot of fun to be had from learning how to create a sound you love, and developing your own style of playing. I can share some of the the tips and tricks that have helped me to develop my own confidence with playing the fiddle.

I am a founder member of Edinburgh-based Da Hooley ceilidh band. We’ve been getting people up on the dance floor since 1996.


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