Fiddle workshops and classes

Learn to play fiddle in Edinburgh

Individual fiddle lessons

Ros is currently teaching fiddle players 1:1 via Zoom. 

If you’ve never played before this is an ideal time to have a go. The availability of online lessons means it’s possible to start learning no matter where in the world you are.

Fiddle classes

Ros has been teaching fiddle classes in Edinburgh, since 2009. Ros ran weekly fiddle classes and workshops from 2009 to 2017 in Edinburgh. She is currently teaching  Fun Fiddle classes in Portobello, which will be running once a month during the autumn term. Learn about the basics of playing the fiddle in Fun Fiddle classes.

“I really enjoyed the classes, the atmosphere and the friendship. I felt it was exactly what I needed” JG

Fiddle workshops

Workshops are open to adult fiddle (violin) players and are suitable for people who have been playing for a few years, and who are able to learn by ear. We explore many aspects of playing technique, aiming to build players’ ability to play more fluidly, and develop their own style. Ros is currently organising occasional workshops when time permits.

“You created a really good atmosphere – very positive. We both left with a buzz!” JMcK

If you’d like to find out more about what we’ve covered in previous workshops, there are notes on the  fiddle workshop update page, which include brief details of what we worked on. The one day workshops each have a specific focus.

“I loved the workshop. Lovely, very comfortable venue, delicious food and most of all a very constructive atmosphere. It was a privilege to be in a small group and have the opportunity to learn by ear at a helpful pace.”

“What a lovely relaxed few hours that was yesterday. Lots of bits to think and reflect on. Fantastic to get notes of the day too. What a bonus….it was all helpful and soothing too.” SB

Fiddle class, Edinburgh
Photo ©Ros Gasson 2013

Ros’s friendly fiddle workshops and classes focus on producing better tone from the fiddle, and developing relaxed playing with a strong sense of rhythm, rather than learning tunes. They can help you with particular issues that you would like to work on. We play and learn new tunes by ear. Written music is available online after each workshop, as a reminder.

“Really useful advice on bowhold and pulse. Also tips for the left hand – already making a difference!”


“A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step”

Ros is available to run one-day fiddle workshops in Scotland focusing on a particular areas of technique. If you would like to find out more, please contact Ros here.

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Fiddle retreats

Ros is running the Bealach Fiddle Retreats along with fiddler Kirstie McLanaghan. These are based at Kilcreggan House on the west coast of Scotland. Join us to spend a long weekend in spectacular surroundings and good company, learning some new tunes and techniques together.

Other projects and events

SongTribe choir

SongTribe logoRos organises SongTribe choir, and occasional one-off singing workshops with songleader Alison Burns. You can find out more about the choir and workshop events on the SongTribe website

The Lightkeepers choir and orchestra

The Lightkeepers logoRos has recently launched a new project – The Lightkeepers – which is a one weekend folk choir and orchestra which will work on repertoire based around recently composed Scottish folk songs and arrangements. This project is in conjunction with Ali Burns and Sarah Northcott. Find out more and register online on The Lightkeepers website 

Da Hooley ceilidh band

Ros is a founder member of this lively Edinburgh-based ceilidh band, which has been getting people up to dance since 1995. Find out more about the band on Da Hooley ceilidh band’s website

The Porty Ceilidhs

The Porty CeilidhsRos organises occasional ceilidhs in Portobello, which aim to raise funds for local organisations. Find out more about The Porty Ceilidhs  on Da Hooley ceilidh band’s website


Website building

Ros has built the websites for each of the projects above, and built this Fiddleclass website. She has also built a number of sites for other projects. Find out more about Ros’s website building


Ros is really interested in photography, and how to create images that are visually appealing