Sheet music

Here are links to many of the tunes taught by Ros over the years. Tunes are generally learnt by ear, so any version that is written down is ‘as learnt by’ the person who wrote it down. Think of this sheet music as a general guide to how each tune goes – you will hear all sorts of different ways of playing them!

Scottish tunes

Almond Bank
Da Slockit Light
Farewell to Craigie Dhu
Her Mantle so Green
Shetland Times and Tatties
Shetland Times and Tatties with harmony
Sitting in the Stern of a Boat
The Sleeping Tune
The Sleeping tune – harmony

Jock Broon’s 70th
Jock Broon’s 70th – harmony part
Miss Miffy Finlay
Trumpet Hornpipe

The Blacksmith’s Wife
Braeroy Road (also known as Barney from Killarney)
Crabbit Shona
Dhu Hill (slow jig)
Dhu Hill with harmony
The Duck
Jennifer’s Jig (slow jig)
Jennifer’s Jig with harmony
Road to Banff
This Too Will Pass

Campbell’s Farewell to Redcastle
Dark Lowers the Night
Do Da
Dorothy and John
Fingal’s Cave
Loch Ruan
The Hen’s March
Inverkeithing Bay
The King’s House
Walter Douglas MBE
Walter Douglas MBE (with chords)

Al’s Reel
Barrowburn Reel
Buntàta ‘s Sgadan
De’il Among the Tailors
Far From Home
Iggy and Squiggy
In and Out the Harbour
Johnstown Reel
The Mouth of the Tobique
Peerie Weerie
Peerie Weerie with basic bowing pattern
Put Me in the Big Chest
Put Me in the Big Chest (with Shetland bowing)
The Reel of Tullochgorum
The Shetland Molecule (with bowing)
The Stone Frigate with bowing
The Stone Frigate with onbeat emphases
The Stone Frigate with offbeat emphases
The Tongadale Reel

Slow tunes
Fionn’s with a harmony for the 3rd part
I see Mull
Ross Memorial Hospital

Aird Ranters
Cameron’s Got his Wife Again
The Placebo
Young Betty

Leaving Brittany
Stronsay Waltz
Leaving Lismore
Midnight on the Water

English tunes

Bryan the Seasoned Traveller

Irish tunes

The Lark in the Morning
The Hen’s March

Bill Sullivan’s Polka
Britches full of Stitches
Egan’s Polka

Cooley’s Reel (with bowing)

Slow tunes
The Eagle’s Whistle
The Eagle’s Whistle – with bowings

French tunes

Les Poules Houpées
Les Poules Houpés with chords

Polka Bagnolaise

Dance of the Little Girls
Dance of the Little Girls – harmony
La Valse des Pastoriaux

Russian tunes

Itzikel – a Russian folk tune

Cape Breton tunes

Brenda Stubbert’s Reel

My Cape Breton Home

American Tunes

Ashokan Farewell

French Canadian tunes

L’Air Mignonne