Fiddle technique tips

Fiddle technique – tips for fiddlers

The String Circle fiddle class website has a catalogue of posts I’ve written over time, explaining various points of technique for fiddle players. All these fiddle technique tips can now be accessed through the list of links at the top right hand side of this page.

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Learning fiddle technique in the String Circle fiddle class in Edinburgh
Photo ©Ros Gasson

The updates were primarily written for members of the String Circle fiddle classes and workshops which I teach in Edinburgh. They may also prove to be a useful resource if you’re are unable to attend¬† the class, and are looking for help with particular aspects of your playing.

If you are looking for individual fiddle lessons, to help resolve a particular issue with your playing, I occasionally teach 1:1. Have a look at the individual fiddle lessons page for more information.

The String Circle fiddle workshops are based in Portobello in Edinburgh. In our monthly one-day workshops we focus on learning technique, and generally enjoying ourselves on the journey! We’re also finding ways to develop a more relaxed and natural feel for the music we play.