Putting tunes into sets


Putting tunes into sets

Tonight we started with a recap of the 4-part march Inverkeithing Bay. We also played through the other tunes we’ve learned this term.

We spent some time putting some of the tunes into a set, and ended up with:

Captain Campbell’s

The Islay Rant

Jenny Dang the Weaver

High Road to Linton

How do you know which tunes work in sets together?

We talked though some of the things to think about when putting tunes into sets. There are a lot of things that might influence your decision! There are no hard and fast rules about putting sets together, but some things are likely to work well, so if you’re new to combining tunes into sets, it’s useful to think about these as a start point.

* What is the set of tunes for? If you’re putting together a set of tunes for dancing, there are particular timings to use for different dances, such as reels for a Dashing White Sergeant. If your set is a performance set, you might be thinking about ways you can vary tunes, with harmonies etc. If you’re in a pub session, you might be more concerned with thinking about tunes that you know other people in the session are likely to be familiar with. So the ‘pool’ of tunes you chose from is likely to be different, depending on what the set is for.

*There are some combinations of keys that work better than others.

Putting tunes into sets
Photo ©Ros Gasson