Second fiddle class of the term

Tonight we spent some more time working on Da Merrie Boys of Greenland. We played through more options for chords in the tune, and looked at how to play chords where the tune is swapping from one string to another and back again. We tried keeping the bow as close as possible to both strings throughout, and using the wrist to move the bow. I’ve uploaded a new copy of the music to the tunes page, showing a couple of possible options for playing different chords throughout the tune.

I’ve also added a separate page with chords that work in the key of D. Once you’ve learnt these chords, you can transfer the same finger patterns onto other strings.

Then the class split into two and looked at some possible ways of bowing the tune.

Photo - view from above of a hand on the neck of a fiddle

We also talked some more about common chord patterns within tunes.

The first fiddle class of the new term

We learnt Da Merrie Boys of Greenland tonight – a short Shetland Reel (I’ve added the music to to tunes page).

Once we’d learnt the tune, the class split into two groups, and each group spent some time thinking about double stopping, and chords that they might add into to the tune. We looked at common chord patterns that are easy to play on the fiddle, and talked about various things to think about when you are deciding on where to play chords in a tune.

We’ll come back to this tune a fair bit throughout the rest of the term.

Two fiddles
Photo ©Ros Gasson

..but where were the cakes? 😉