Online Scottish fiddle lessons

Online fiddle lessons from Scottish fiddlers

Scotland has so many musicians, included many talented fiddle players and tutors. When the Coronavirus pandemic started, most musicians saw the bulk of their work disappear. Over the last few months many have started offering online teaching. It’s created a fantastic opportunity for people from anywhere in the world to learn about Scottish fiddle playing, and to pick up tips from some of our top players, and a lovely opportunity for those of us who play to continue to support musicians through this time.

The list below is people I am aware of who are teaching online. If you know of any other Scottish fiddle players who are offering online lessons, please contact me to give me their details, and I’ll add them to the list.

Sarah-Jane Summers: Fiddle and hardanger

Ros Gasson: teaching fiddle  players from absolute beginners through the early years of learning to play. Have fun while you learn in a supportive positive environment.

Kirstie Mclanaghan: Sheet music and technique videos available at the end of each fiddle lesson to help with private practice.

Mairi Campbell:

Kevin Henderson: Glowing Shetland fiddle music.

Gregor Borland: Focuses on the techniques which will really bring the fiddle tunes alive.

Rua MacMillan: Online lessons for all ages and abilities, with a focus on highland fiddle/ornamentation/bowing and FUN!

Gica Loening: Scots fiddle and klezmer.

Daniel Thorpe:

Judy Nicolson: Scottish fiddle player with strong Shetland influences.

Claire Gulligan: All abilities welcome

Marit Fãlt: Teaches children how to play the fiddle

Two fiddles
Photo ©Ros Gasson

Bernadette Kellerman: Fiddle lessons tailored to individual needs and can focus on expanding repertoire,  performance and composition.


Margaret Robertson: Shetland fiddler – lessons to suit all ages and stages.

Kriss Moulder: Fiddle tuition towards Grades, SQA performance, competition and tattoo performance as appropriate, with musicianship of technique, aural and sight reading skills.

Isla Ratcliff: Fiddle lessons for children and adults, focusing on repertoire, style and fun!

Group classes

These organisations are running some online fiddle teaching in groups. Follow the links to find out more on their websites

Fun Fiddle

The Scots Music Group

Merlin Music

Riddel Fiddles

Learn to play the fiddle – other resources

Here’s some links to other online learning resources, including videos online where you can learn Scottish tunes from recordings of the tunes played slowly or in phrases, videos teaching technique and other music skills.

On this website: Information on some of the basic techniques for starting out playing the fiddle.

Patsy Reid: Videos of tunes taught by ear. Learn to play the fiddle from scratch – online course.

Bruce MacGregor: Learn tunes from videos.

Riddell Fiddles: Tunes taught broken down into phrases.

Fiona Cuthill: Tunes played slowly for learning

Katherine Liley: Tutorial videos on different aspects of playing/learning

Kevin Henderson: Patreon page. Select a level to access tunes, recordings and video tutorials.

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