Kirstie McLanaghan

About Kirstie

Kirstie McLanaghan, fiddle tutorKirstie teaches from Currie, on the west edge of Edinburgh

Kirstie has played the violin since the age of 5. She learned using a classical method, Eta Cohen, similar to the more commonly known method Suzuki. She now learn predominantly by ear. Kirstie is passionate about traditional Scottish fiddle music which comes across in her playing and teaching. Playing and sharing music with other people is Kirstie’s favourite thing to do, in fiddle orchestras, or in the pub. It doesn’t matter to her where she is as long as she’s playing. Kirstie is studying BA (Hons) Applied Music degree, and on completion intends to study a Post graduate diploma in further education teaching.

“When the musical imagination is ignited, we have the most extraordinary power to change lives with music.” (Gill R, 2011)

One to one teaching is accessible to all abilities, from beginner through to advanced level. Teaching incorporates learning either by ear, or using sheet music, depending on preference. Sheet music and technique videos will be available at the end of each lesson to help with private practice. Lessons will be fluid and organic and will be adapted to each student’s needs.

“I hope to plant a seed that leads to informal learning with all of my pupils.”

Kirstie’s goals

1. The musical learning environment will be welcoming and relaxed.
2. Kirstie will get to know the goals of each of her students and try to help them realise them.
3. Learning will involve having fun!
4. Musical ideas and techniques may not be achieved each lesson. That is ok! Hopefully this will promote independent learning.
5. Kirstie will help her students become confident musicians and performers.
6. Kirstie will continue to work on her own personal development as a musician, and as a teacher.

“Informal learning of instruments is an effective route that is likely to produce a long term commitment to music than conventional tuition.” (Cope P, 2005)