String Circle fiddle workshops

Learn to play fiddle in Edinburgh

The String Circle one-day fiddle workshops are held on the first Saturday of each month in Portobello, Edinburgh. You can enrol in all workshops here. The workshops are linked with Portobello Fun Fiddle’s weekly classes. I’ll be teaching a weekly Absolute Beginners class at Fun Fiddle from January 2017.

Join the String Circle fiddle workshops to learn fiddle technique in a fun and relaxed group. Find out more about how the workshops run.

Venue: Tribe Porty, 19 Windsor Place, Portobello EH152AJ

Workshops: 1st Saturday of the month

Time: 10am – 4pm

Dates: All workshops run on the first Saturday of the month. Each workshop focuses on a particular area of technique, but there is also plenty of time to explore issues that arise in the course of the day.

Saturday 1st October: Improving tone

Saturday 5th November: Getting over ‘performance nerves’. Why does it seem to be so much harder to play something well in front of other people than in the privacy of your own home? Whether you want to play Happy Birthday for your mum, join a local session, play in a ceilidh band, or get up on stage and perform, you’ll find some useful insights and hints in this workshop to help you on the way to overcoming performance nerves.

Saturday 3rd December: Becoming confident about playing faster. How do you start to play jigs and reels at speed, without risking ‘falling off’ the tune?


Saturday 4th February: topic tbc

Saturday 4th March: topic tbc

Saturday 1st April: topic tbc

“A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step”

Workshop prices: (includes a simple ‘soup & bread’ lunch)

Full price £42

Concession: £31


To attend a workshop, enrol online before 6pm the night before the workshop date.

How to enrol in the String Circle fiddle workshops

Learn to play the fiddle in Edinburgh
Photo ©Ros Gasson 2013

In these friendly workshops we’ll be focusing on producing better tone from the fiddle, and developing relaxed playing with a strong sense of rhythm, rather than learning tunes. The classes can help you with particular issues that you would like to work on. We play and learn new tunes by ear. Written music is available online after each workshop, as a reminder.

“Really useful advice on bowhold and pulse. Also tips for the left hand – already making a difference!”

The String Circle workshops are open to adult fiddle (violin) players aged 18 years and over, and are suitable for people who have been playing for a few years, who are able to learn by ear. We’ll be exploring many aspects of playing technique, aiming to build players’ ability to play more fluidly, and develop their own style.

“You created a really good atmosphere – very positive. We both left with a buzz!” JMcK

If you’d like to find out more about what we do in the workshops, there are notes written from previous workshops on the  fiddle class update page, which include brief details of what we worked on during previous terms. The one day workshops will each have a specific focus.

Ros Gasson has been teaching String Circle fiddle classes since 2009.

“I really enjoyed the classes, the atmosphere and the friendship.

I felt it was exactly what I needed” JG

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