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Edinburgh music classes

Music classes in Edinburgh

Traditional music classes in Edinburgh

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In these Scottish traditional music classes for adults, you can build your confidence to play your instrument, and join with others to explore the fun of music. We’ll mainly be learning Scottish folk tunes. All classes are taught by ear.

Getting involved in learning folk music is a great way to join an informal community of musicians across the country. Many musicians play in regular pub sessions, where they relax with friends for the evening, sharing tunes together. We’ll be supporting players to build their confidence to join their local session.

String Circle fiddle workshops

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Ros Gasson will be teaching fiddle playing technique in these monthly one-day fiddle workshops, helping you to improve your tone, rhythm and tuning, and find your fiddle ‘voice’. Join us to find out how to shift from playing the notes to playing music! Find out more and enrol online.

Portobello Fun Fiddle

The String Circle fiddle workshops will be collaborating with Portobello Fun Fiddle throughout the year. Portobello Fun Fiddle weekly classes have been running since 2003. This year they have classes at Improvers and Advanced levels. These will be run in 5-week teaching blocks, with each block focusing on a different topic.

We’re already planning some events and sessions together for the coming term.

Individual fiddle lessons

Ros Gasson has occasional spaces for 1 to 1 fiddle lessons in Edinburgh.

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